out front Mowing
Versus Mid-Mount Mowing

In the power equipment industry, there are two types of zero turn riding mowers, the mid-mount style where the operator sits in front of the drive tires and almost on top of the deck and uses lap bars to steer. And, there is the out front style machine where the deck sits in front of the operator, and the operator sits lower and has better drive traction, balance and visibility of the work area.
The Walker is an out front mower that uses the superior design of the out front as an advantage. The Walker combines improved features such as machine balance, precise steering, true floating decks, unmatched trimming capability and a variety of attachments to help operators meet each job with confidence. Walker mowers are built to perform in difficult tasks like hillside performance, high quality mowing and also to improve overall job time.
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Walker Mower Model MS

Model MS

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